A Life of Kindness


I feel blessed to be familiar with giving and receiving kindness.

This story began last month, when a very dear friend in another country generously gifted me a 'free stay' during my travel. This kind gesture provided considerable financial aid. It also instantly propelled me in thinking how I could pay it forward, which started the following day when I supported another dear friend in her new health business venture.

The funds ‘saved’ have been put in a virtual account where they will serve in helping others, until the totality has been reached.  I often donate to charities/events but this is different: this is on top of all that. This is for the moments when I feel financial pressure and wonder if I can help. Well, I will choose to remember and I will choose to help.

My friend’s generous gift to one person, me, was the catalyst in providing support to many others, who will in turn help many others.

-Love Warrior